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New Products You’ll Love!

Our new products have been thoughtfully handpicked from an extensive number of suppliers, with you and your customers in mind. When we bring in new lines, we try to look out for products which capture the imagination, from suppliers who have a unique selling point.

Below is a selection of suppliers from whom we have listed new lines in the past 12 months. We believe they best represent our own values, and that their products will allow you to create a true point of difference in your own offerings.


English Tea Shop

A Premium Collection of Hand-Picked Teas

English Tea Shop’s love for tea is reflected in every aspect of their business. They love keeping their environment natural and their people happy, and this is seen in their commitment to being green and ethical in business. At English Tea Shop, only the best, organic produce is used in their teas, all of it sourced from small, independent growers – their lovingly-dubbed “Superheroes”.

From English Tea Shop’s vast spectrum of gourmet teas, we at kff have selected eight blends which we deem to be amongst their best, plus a fantastic mixed box for those who can't decide on a single blend!

Features & Benefits

• Traditional and innovative blends
• Supports small, independent growers
• Fairtrade and organic
• Sustainably sourced ingredients                                         

Meet the Range

                      Green Tea                              Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus                          Variety Case*
                   Code: 052063                                       Code: 052068                                      Code: 052067
                  Pack Size: 6x20                                      Pack Size: 6x20                                    Pack Size: 6x20
*Contains 1x20 tag & envelope tea bags of each flavour: Earl Grey; Green Tea; Peppermint; Chamomile; Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus; Spiced Red Fruits

Café Express


The Total Out-of-Home Solution

Café Express provide the complete out-of-home coffee solution. They understand the growing desire for top quality beans in the coffee sector and this is reflected in their products. Their signature Italian Espresso beans combine Vietnamese Robusta with Brazilian and Colombian Arabica to create a versatile blend which is the ideal base for a wide range of coffees.

Their range includes beans such as their classic Italian Espresso and speciality Colombian blend, as well as a selection of instant coffee products and hot chocolate to meet the needs of just about any coffee-selling establishment.


Features & Benefits

• A complete out-of-home coffee solution
• Unique, signature blends
• Available in a variety of formats
• High-quality, premium products

Meet the Range 
            Italian Espresso Beans              Colombian Arabica Espresso Beans       Rich Instant Coffee Granules
                   Code: 054243                                       Code: 054244                                       Code: 054251
                   Pack Size: 1kg                                     Pack Size: 500g                                     Pack Size: 750g

Ice Kitchen - Exclusive to kff in the south east

Reinventing the Ice Lolly

Nadia Roden created "Lilly Lolly's Ice Kitchen" in 2010, with now owner (and Nadia's nephew) Cesar selling their artisan lollies in the streets of New York. After a great reaction from the New Yorkers who tried their lollies, Cesar decided to bring the business to the UK and in 2013 Ice Kitchen was born.

Since then, Cesar has appeared on The One Show alongside Lord Sugar, Ice Kitchen lollies have featured on James Martin's Home Comforts, and the company have even brought out a bestselling ice lolly recipe book! 

Having now moved to a larger premises in London and revamped their branding, Ice Kitchen have partnered with kff to provide you with their frankly astonishing range of unique, handmade ice lollies. We're sure you'll love them as much as we do!


Features & Benefits                                                  

• Unique, artisan recipes                          
• Totally handmade                                  
• Made with only the finest ingredients  
• Contains no artificial anything!             


Meet the Range

                    Mojito Poptail                                        Earl Grey Tea                                Mixed Case (Top 4)*
                   Code: 751744                                       Code: 751747                                      Code: 751748
                Pack Size: 24x75g                                 Pack Size: 24x75g                                Pack Size: 24x75g
*Contains 6 lollies of each flavour: Strawberries & Cream; Oranges & Lemons; Blueberry, Yoghurt & Honey; Raspberry & Fresh Mint

Pipers Crisp Co


Crisps as they Should Taste

Pipers have been making crisps in Elsham since 2004, when they delivered their first 20 boxes to four local pubs and a farm shop. Since then, they have gone on to win a number of awards for their flavours and have expanded their range considerably.

Like us, Pipers are extremely passionate about the quality of the products they sell. In the case of Pipers, it all comes down to using the best ingredients in their crisps. The place names in each of their flavours aren't just for show either - each one is where the key ingredient for that flavour is actually produced!


Features & Benefits

• Authentic ingredients in every flavour
• Multiple Great Taste Awards
• Five-time Best Snack Brand award-winners
• Well-known premium crisp brand

Meet the Range 
Atlas Mountains Wild Thyme & Rosemary        Anglesey Sea Salt                           Biggleswade Sweet Chilli
                   Code: 058074                                       Code: 058050                                       Code: 078075
                Pack Size: 24x40g                                 Pack Size: 24x40g                                 Pack Size: 24x40g


Perkier by Nature!

Perkier is a young, British company who make delicious, healthy and nutritious quinoa bars and porridge pots. Their name is a mash-up of their founders' surnames, Perkins and Turner, and that's how they want their customers to feel: a little perkier every day!

Their range of naturally delicious breakfasts and snacks are packed with superfood goodness and the nutrients the body needs to thrive. If your aim is to ensure your customers get the best possible start each and every day, then Perkier bars and porridge pots are not to be missed.


Features & Benefits

• Packed with superfood goodness
• High in fibre and protein
• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
• Rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3

Meet the Range

             Peanut Quinoa Bars                     Cranberry & Raisin Porridge Pots           Oaty Cranberry & Cashew
                                                                                                                                                  Quinoa Bars
                  Code: 070119                                        Code: 055779                                       Code: 070117
               Pack Size: 18x35g                                   Pack Size: 8x60g                                   Pack Size: 18x40g

Jude's Ice Cream

Great British Ice Cream

Starting off in a small Hampshire dairy barn at the beginning of this century, Jude's Great British Ice Cream is one man's love letter to his wife, Jude. Made with milk from local cows and boasting a truly impressive number of Great Taste Awards, the company has gone from strength to strength since their first batch was finished in 2002.

Jude's range is a combination of classic ice cream flavours with a few unique offerings. If you're looking for a great way to encourage customers to indulge in a dessert, you need look no further than Jude's!


Features & Benefits

• Innovative and unique flavours
• Made using local cows' milk
• 10% of Jude's profits go to charity
• Available in 4ltr bulk tubs and 120ml individual tubs


Meet the Range


    Flat White Coffee Ice Cream                 Peanut Butter Ice Cream                  Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

                   Code: 718327                                       Code: 718324                                       Code: 718326
                    Pack Size: 4ltr                                       Pack Size: 4ltr                                        Pack Size: 4ltr

Purple Pineapple

More than a Filling

We at kff were finding it difficult to source a complete range of fillings which met our high standards. Our solution was to start making our own, and Purple Pineapple was born! Our sandwich fillings are made by hand in our production kitchen, using only the freshest ingredients.
Last year, we launched Caribbean Beef, Fiery Three Bean and Chipotle Chicken. This year, we have three more fillings* on the way to bring some Asian-inspired flavours to the range. Wasabi Tuna, Sweet Chilli Quorn and Chicken Satay are perfect for much more than just filling sandwiches!


Features & Benefits

• Mixed by hand
• Made to order, ensuring freshness
• Extensive range of flavours
• Versatile - great for more than sandwiches!
• Gold Level NSF certified


Meet the Range

                 Wasabi Tuna                                     Sweet Chilli Quorn**                                   Chicken Satay

                  Code: 012284P                                     Code: 012283P                                      Code: 012282P
                   Pack Size: 1kg                                       Pack Size: 1kg                                        Pack Size: 1kg
*Not all of our Purple Pineapple fillings are available to order online just yet. Please contact our telesales team on 01622 612345 to order these products. **Must be served piping hot.

Love Handmade Cakes

Irresistible Comes as Standard

A name can say a lot in the catering industry, and there are few better examples than Love Handmade Cakes. They make all of their cakes by hand, and they love doing it!

Love Handmade Cakes make a huge selection of products, ranging from dessert cakes to cupcakes, as well as a fantastic grab-and-go offering in their luxury wrapped bars and traybakes. By handmaking their products, they can ensure that each one is absolutely perfect before it leaves their bakery, meaning that you can be confident in the quality of the products you are offering to your customers. 


Features & Benefits

• Every product exquisitely handmade
• Extremely high quality products
• Use only the finest ingredients
• Love Handmade Cakes brand exclusive to kff

Meet the Range


            Chocoholics Selection                             Flapjack Selection                            Cake Bar Selection
                   Code: 070928                                        Code: 070903                                      Code: 070926
                  Pack Size: 1x30                                      Pack Size: 1x30                                     Pack Size: 1x30