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Concepts, Menus & POS

On this page you will be able to view and downlaod the concepts, menus and POS that have we created to be used in you establisment to help drive sales.


 Vegetarian & Gluten Free Concept

Gone are the days of predictable, substandard veggie and gluten free options. kff’s Chefs Think Tank is encouraging the use of varied ingredients, and innovative vegetarian recipes. Whether you are improving your food-to-go offer or looking for a new dish for your menu, our fresh approach won’t disappoint.





 Gourmet Hot Dog Concept

Feed your customers appetite for one of the nation’s fastest growing menu items with our range of gourmet hot dogs. We’ve got everything you need to capitalise on the trend, from hot dogs to gourmet hot dog rolls, to toppings and sauces. View the concept sheet now.






 Gourmet Burger Concept

Now, more than ever customers are searching for food that is exciting, offers greater flavour and is unique. Elegantly filled with imaginative toppings, and plenty of them, the unique flavours of the gourmet burger extend beyond just the quality of the beef, creating added value at minimal costs. Quickly becoming one of the nation’s fastest growing menu items, we have provided the concept you need to go gourmet today.