Preparing for Brexit – Business Briefing

22nd November 2019
From Chris Beckley, CEO

Since we last updated you in October, there have been two important developments regarding Brexit: a General Election has been called for 12th December, and a three-month extension has been granted to 31st January.

In our view, these developments do not provide any more certainty on the outcome or timing of Brexit, and there is still a significant risk of a no-deal Brexit on 31st January. Given this, we would like to remind you of our thorough preparations for this scenario:

• Securing additional storage space to ensure we can stockbuild effectively as well as installing additional racking within the kff network;
• Stockbuilding across frozen and ambient EU lines over the coming months
• Where possible, identifying appropriate substitutions for the most at risk short-life goods as well as spreading risk across additional supply routes; and
• Finalising deliveries and customs declarations procedures with suppliers and hauliers to ensure the continued flow of goods.

Government, industry bodies and customers have confirmed that our plans are industry-leading, and we will continue to work hard to minimise disruption to our valued customers in the event of a no-deal Brexit on 31st January.

As a reminder, if the UK leaves with a deal on 31st January, it will enter a transition period until at least 31st December 2020 (with option to extend by a further 1-2 years to agree a free trade agreement with the EU), during which time the UK’s trading relationship with the EU would not change.
Our commitment is to keep you updated with any new developments, whatever the outcome, over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, should you have any concerns or queries, please do get in touch with your account manager.

Kind regards,

Chris Beckley