Preparing for Brexit – Business Briefing

7th August 2019
From Chris Beckley, CEO

With the UK and the EU having agreed to extend the Brexit deadline to 31st October 2019, our contingency planning which we had originally undertaken ahead of the original 29th March 2019 deadline, now begins to take effect once again.

Despite a lot of changes within parliament over the last four months, the risk of a no-deal Brexit on 31st October is still very real and therefore our work continues to mitigate its potential impacts.

Our contingency plans include:

• Securing additional storage space to ensure we can stockbuild effectively as well as installing additional racking within the kff network;
• Stockbuilding across frozen and ambient EU lines over the coming months
• Where possible, identifying appropriate substitutions for the most at risk short-life goods as well as spreading risk across additional supply routes
• Finalising deliveries and customs declarations procedures with suppliers and hauliers to ensure the continued flow of goods.

Although the new date will bring challenges around Christmas trading and fresh produce (as it coincides with the end of the UK growing season), we will be doing everything in our power to minimise disruption to your business, as you would expect from your trusted foodservice partner.

If you have any further questions, please contact your account manager.

Kind regards,
Chris Beckley