• Orders for your next scheduled delivery should be placed the previous day, between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 11.00am to 5.00pm Sunday.
  • Your calls or web usage may be monitored or recorded to maintain and improve our levels of service.
  • We guarantee four days shelf life remaining at time of delivery on all products, except where stated.
  • Products marked as vegetarian in our product list may contain dairy. For more information please call our customer care line between 9-5 Monday - Friday on: 0500 829798. For up to date ingredient and allergen information always check the labels.
  • Products are marked vegetarian as defined by guidance of the Food Standards Agency. Please see www.food.gov.uk for more details.
  • Catch Weighted Items - Where applicable the weights shown are for guidance and menu planning only, these products will be charged by actual item weight at the time of ordering.

Delivery & Payment Terms

  • Minimum Delivery - £80 Nett Value
  • Payment terms are 'CASH ON DELIVERY', unless a credit account has been granted.
  • All goods, invoiced and delivered, will remain the property of Kent Frozen Foods Ltd until paid for in full. The acceptance and use of the goods, together with the subsequent payment of the invoice will be deemed to complete the sale of the goods.
  • kff’s current price list indicates the price of the goods on the date of issue of the price list.
  • Whilst it is the company’s intention not to change prices between issuing price lists - prices are subject to alteration without notice.
  • All unit prices within our product lists are approximate and have been rounded to the nearest whole penny.
  • Prices are fixed on the day of delivery, not when goods are ordered.
  • Queries on the price charged for goods cannot be accepted after the last day of the month following delivery. Subsequent claims will therefore not be met.
  • All food must be stored as specified to comply with food safety requirements.
  • In order to conform with the Food Safety Act 1990, we are unable to accept returned goods unless notified at the time of delivery.
  • All goods are offered subject to availability.
  • All information contained online is correct at the time of printing/publishing. Changes may occur from time to time, check product information on label.
  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this price list and the website, occasional errors may occur.

Credit Accounts

  • Credit Accounts will only be offered to customers who provide suitable financial references.
  • Credit Accounts must be paid in full by the 14th day of the month following delivery.