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Sliced Premium Roast Turkey Crown - 100%

Product code: 030542

Pack size: 500g

Shaved Smoked Turkey - 80%

Product code: 031100

Pack size: 1kg

Sliced Turkey - 100%

Product code: 030540

Pack size: 1kg

THE WEALD SMOKERY Smoked Chicken Breasts

Product code: 035510

Pack size: 2x200g

THE WEALD SMOKERY Smoked Duck Breast

Product code: 035511

Pack size: 300g

12mm Steam Cooked Stripped Chicken Breast

Product code: 412351

Pack size: 2.5kg

12-13mm Steam Cooked Diced Chicken Breast

Product code: 412316

Pack size: 2.5kg

Easyroast Boneless Luxury Turkey Breast

Product code: 421701

Pack size: 4kg

Shredded Duck

Product code: 422003

Pack size: 1kg

Sliced Cooked Turkey Breast

Product code: 030544

Pack size: 1kg

GRESSINGHAM Traditional Duck Confit

Product code: 403853

Pack size: 285g

Danum Pre-Sliced Turkey Breast

Product code: 421704

Pack size: 1kg