Fresh Meat & Poultry

Some of our fresh meat lines such as joints and pre-cut steaks are only available via Special Order. Please contact our telesales team or Sales Manager for further information.

For our full list of Fresh Meat products download our latest brochure by clicking here.

Whole Chicken (1.2-1.4kg)

Product code: SM0010

Pack size: 1.2-1.4kg

Chicken Supremes (200-227g)

Product code: SM0011

Pack size: 10x200-227g

Chicken Wings (3-Joint)

Product code: SM0012

Pack size: 2kg

Chicken Thigh Meat (Boneless)

Product code: SM0013

Pack size: 2kg

Chicken Legs (200-227g)

Product code: SM0015

Pack size: 10x200g

Chicken Escalopes (180-200g)

Product code: SM0016

Pack size: 10x180g

Pork Mince

Product code: SM0019

Pack size: 2kg

Pork Shoulder Diced

Product code: SM0021

Pack size: 2kg

Pork Escalope (180-200g)

Product code: SM0023

Pack size: 10x180g

Beef Mince

Product code: SM0043

Pack size: 2kg

Beef Burgers

Product code: SM0045

Pack size: 12x180g

Beef Rib Eye

Product code: SM0046

Pack size: 2.5kg

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