Your Local Wholesaler


Early Beginnings

We started our humble beginnings selling food and refrigeration equipment to both businesses and the general public.We soon discovered that our passion was for the foodservice market and since then have never looked back! We are proud to be a local wholesaler and feel this allows us to offer a flexible and reliable service to our customers. We also partner and champion local suppliers giving our customers a quality and comprehensive range. We understand that our customers are busy which is why we make sure we give all of them (no matter what their size) the help and support they require.


Our Products...

We only source the finest products as we understand that quality is important to our customers. We are very proud to have stringent controls in place that check what products we bring into our supply chain, making sure you can rely on us for quality and consistency throughout our ranges.

We pride ourselves on our range, it’s what sets us apart from our competitors. As well as our comprehensive frozen and ambient. We also offer fresh produce including Fruit and Vegetables, Meat and Fresh Fish. This range will be based on quality and specialist products for the high-end market.


Our Service...

As a service led company, kff is continually striving to better its customer's needs, working closely with them to further develop their business. Hence why reliable service has always been our number one commitment to our customers. We have over 84 multi temperature vehicles that allow us to deliver chilled, frozen and ambient products across the South East of England. We also understand our customers have different delivery requirements which is why our dedicated drivers are often given the same routes.

This means they get to know how best to serve you, from parking to drop off points. Our aim is simple, to make the delivery process as smooth as possible from start to finish. 


Supporting your business...

Having over 60 years experience means we understand our customers which is vital to growing mutually profitable businesses. We recognise that a strong, exciting and trendy food offering is a vital part of providing an overall service. This insight and support we give to our customers is invaluable when developing new menu ideas.

We have also built a new technology driven, customer centric ecommerce platform, this makes it even easier to find products, information and place that all important order! Due to the fact we are a local wholesaler we care and employ dedicated sales professionals who are there to help and support your business.


New to 2024...

New Rebrand Our kff logo design has been the cornerstone of the brand for the last 60 years. The time was right to update our brand to promote a fresh new look!

Promotions Our promotions have had a makeover and will now be monthly instead of bi-monthly, and they have a home of their own!

Sysco Brand We are pleased to share with you that we have launched our own brand range called Sysco. Sysco is the world’s global foodservice leader, which means with the support of experts, we have developed a three-tier range to offer you, that will continue to build and grow.