June 2020

Dear Customer,

At Kff we take seriously our role in protecting our customers and our employees, as well as the communities in which we operate, during these uncertain times. We have been closely monitoring the continued updates from the Government, as we continue to move out of lockdown, and we are pleased to see that there is now at least some certainty for the hospitality sector. Many businesses will now be planning how to reopen, and we are pleased that kff is ready to support our customers in this planning phase.

You can also download our group Covid 19 pack by clicking here

1.  What We’re Doing

We have been operating throughout the lockdown period, supporting businesses that have continued to operate, helping them to support their local communities, as well as donating the equivalent of 6,850 meals to the community and over 3 tonnes of goods through five charities. We have worked in partnership with customers and suppliers to donate and deliver food to NHS staff, key workers children and vulnerable people in residential care. In addition we have been proud to take part in the DEFRA assistance programme, delivering food parcels to the clinically vulnerable in isolation. In March we opened our doors to the general public in the form of a Click and Collect and Home Delivery service. To date we have made over 1200 deliveries to the public offering a safe alternative to the supermarkets, who have struggled with supply of grocery essentials throughout the pandemic. This means that we have been able to keep the majority of our network operational and it means that we are open and able to support and supply you as soon as you are ready.In particular:

•  We have implemented stringent health and personal contact rules in our business, including virtual sales visits, if helpful, temperature checking at our sites, deep cleaning vehicles and sites and contactless deliveries to customers, along with the appropriate protective equipment for our staff.

•  We can offer PPE advice and supply the product ranges you need for your operation from signage, demarcation, gloves, masks to cleaning chemicals and janitorial ranges.

•  Backed by the world’s largest foodservice business, Sysco, we are stocked and ready to deliver as soon as you need us.

2.  Measures in place to safely dispatch your order

•  All Kff depots have social distancing systems in place & all workstations at kff have been assessed and measures taken to achieve social distancing.

•  We have also proactively communicated our policy that requires delivery employees to not report to work if they are showing signs of flu-like illness, and to seek medical attention as necessary.

•  We have also implemented a “return to work” protocol that applies to any employee who may potentially have been exposed to the virus.

•  Importantly, we have provided guidelines for remote work arrangements for our employees’, so only essential personnel are on site at any time.

•  Currently no visitors are allowed at our sites and all employees must report to a temperature monitoring station, prior to entering the building.

•  Customer facing staff are being issued with their own Personnel Protective Equipment which includes masks, gloves and sanitizer for use during their working day.

•  Every Kff driver has access to immediate contact with our Transport and Customer Care departments for help and advice.

3.  At the customer’s premises

•  When our Sales staff begin to visit, they will ask customers for their preference in interacting with kff to ensure safe social distancing; this will include the option of a “virtual” meeting should you so choose.

•  Where possible we will avoid leaving paper brochures etc with you, unless you specifically request it. All of our marketing material is available to download at our website www.kff.co.uk.

•  While at your premises kff drivers will wear PPE and maintain safe social distancing measures.

4.  Your delivery

•  Drivers will place the order at the customer’s preferred point of delivery, place the invoice, then will stand back while the customer checks the order. This stage is more important than ever to allow us to reduce the potential returns to the business.

•  Cash / Cheque payments must be placed at social distancing points, the driver will collect these after the customer has stepped away.

•  If you are a cash/cheque customer and want to move towards contactless delivery, please speak to us about our website and new pay online system, where you can pay for your order in advance of the delivery.

5.  How you can help us

The above systems have been put in place to allow our business to be conducted whilst following government guidelines. We also appreciate that our customers will have conducted their own assessments at the delivery point to keep risk to a minimum, to protect their employees and suppliers.

Should you have any changes to your delivery process please contact us so we can discuss your requirements further. Above all, we are here to help and will work to jointly plan our way through the next phase to get you and your kitchen up and running. We remain committed to providing you with the service and support that you need.