Hello everyone,

Yesterday was for many people a very emotional day. Personally I felt a sense of sadness and loss for the Queen and pride for how well the funeral presented us to the rest of the world. I also felt gratitude and pride for the duty that Sysco GB, and more specifically our sister company Brakes did in terms of getting stock out to major customers like Compass, Sodexo and Aramark. All these big, international customers served food to the Police, Military and Emergency Services during the day and the week or so building up to the funeral and couldn’t have done it without Sysco GB.

I think KFF played our part perfectly by speaking to customers in advance and getting their agreement to not make any deliveries on Monday so that as many of our colleagues could pay their respects to the Queen or simply spend time with their families. I’d like to say a special thank you to all those people who were on their standard shift or who came in voluntarily to cover the Bank Holiday such as Telesales, Transport and Warehouse. Today has gone very smoothly because of the work you put in over the long weekend. Thank you.

Looking ahead we are delighted to welcome Peter Jackson and Michael Hulme to Kent House tomorrow (21st Sept). Peter is our overall CEO and as Michael is our main Board Director looking after us and Medina. Peter and Michael will be walking around to meet and chat with people in the office and the warehouse so please do feel free to stop and chat with them. I’d also urge you to speak openly about things that are going well or things that we could do better. The real value for them is an open and frank conversation. They are both very approachable and very ‘human’ so please don’t feel like you can or can’t say anything.

Regrettably I won’t be here tomorrow as I have to attend a funeral for a family friend but I will be catching up with Peter and Michael both before and after their visit. Dan Dickinson, Sarah-Jayne, Sarah Burgess, Wayne Marsh and James Mills will be looking after their visit tomorrow so any questions on the day and one of this team may be able to help.

Overall we continue to be on our plan in terms of reshaping our business and focusing on growth, especially with small independent customers and larger customers who have all their sites/outlets in London and the South East. We have a very good story to tell and good case for further investment so please feel justifiably proud of the work you have done and our plans for the future.

Feel free to call me directly if you’d like to chat through anything before or after they visit.

Kind Regards,