Purple Pineapple

Superior Fillings

With sandwiches considered to be one of the most important product categories for caterers, selecting the right fillings the right fillings for your business is essential.

We believe our fillings stand out from the competition, which is why we choose a name like 'Purple Pineapple' as our brand. Created in response to a shortage of quality of fillings in the market, Purple Pineapple has been supplying caterers with superior fillings for over ten years using the same principles as when it was first founded.

Our fillings are only ever mixed by hand. This is so the more delicate ingredients are kept intact whilst the finished product looks more handmade than machine blended alternatives. The mayonnaise we use to mix some of our fillings is heat stable, meaning they are suitable for use in a panini grill. What's more, all our fillings are made at the point of ordering, ensuring maximum shelf life at the time of delivery.

Purple Pineapple fillings are available exclusively through kff. Orders placed before 12:00 noon are made to order and delivered the next day, while our best sellers can be ordered until 5:30pm for next day delivery.
For more information contact kff on 01622 612400 or explore our best sellers below to order online!