Rachael Wilkinson

Key Account Manager

My passion for cooking began when making Christmas cakes with my Nan, pretty much from the age of 11! Ever since, I have had a passion for food and an urge to try new things out, to see if I could create something new.

I began training at Stratford upon Avon College, and at the mere age of 16 I was sent of packing for a six week work experience programme at Claridge’s, during which I was offered a commis position before I had even completed my six week training!

I spent the first few months of my time at Claridge’s homesick and wondering what I had done, missing my small village. However, I formed a new family within the Claridge’s team, where I spent the following four years of my career. When I left Claridge’s, I left as the Senior Chef de Partie on the sauce section, working alongside John Williams and Claire Clark on the pastry section.

Working in the contract catering industry afforded me the time to master the art of my passion for Thai carving and cake decoration

I decided I wanted to explore a new side of the industry and joined the team at Michelin-starred restaurant, Putney Bridge. I worked with Anthony Demetre for the following 2 years on the pastry section, exploring new products and ideas.

I began my first exec chef role with Everson Hewitt, a catering company positioned at PricewaterhouseCoopers, working in the restaurant kitchen. I was given the opportunity to assist with developing new ideas and dishes for the group alongside John Woodward, which was very exciting. Working in the contract catering industry afforded me the time to master the art of my passion for Thai carving and cake decoration, learning to carve pumpkins and create detailed cakes

With my growing passion of food and the desire to expand my knowledge, I took a complete 360 degree turn to face the industry from a new angle. The opportunity to take a sales role at kff arose and I knew it would take my love of food to another level!

Now a Key Accounts Manager at kff, I look after some of our larger accounts. I regularly communicate our customers’ needs to Tony, who always ensures our range of products contains everything our customers will need to create a point of difference in their menus. I’m also extremely passionate about on-trend food, helping to develop some of the more innovative recipes which appear in our brochures and on our website – most recently, our Poached Egg Protein Pots!