Apricot Cinnamon Lamb Meatball Tagine



Soak apricots in hot water for 10mins to plump up, drain and dice. Dice butternut squash into bitesize chunks and roast until cooked but still firm. Mix lamb mince with mixed herbs, cinnamon and finely diced red onion, mould into small balls and then roast until cooked. On medium heat, heat a saucepan and add Mexican Chilli Orange Paste, stir fry for a minute or two then add chopped tomatoes, coconut milk and dried apricots, mix well and simmer for 15-20 minutes until sauce thickens slightly. Add cooked butternut squash, meatballs and sliced roasted peppers. Mix well and heat through. Place in serving dish and  garnish with a swirl of yoghurt, flaked almonds and chopped mint. Serve with cous cous.


Top tip: Transform this into a plant based dish by swapping the meatballs for 404317 Squeaky Bean Meatless Meatballs and replace the yoghurt with 044423 Alpro Plain Yoghurt