Brazilian Burger



Heat brown sugar and vinegar until sugar dissolves, peel and slice red onion, place in a bowl and cover with vinegar mix, allow to pickle. Stir sugar into hot sauce, stir until combined then brush over bacon slices. Peel and mash avocado, mix with lime juice, chopped coriander and mayo. Cook burgers until juices begin to run clear, top with Emmental cheese and grill until cheese melts slightly. Meanwhile lightly toast burger buns and heat bacon. Deep fry onion rings, drain and whilst still hot sprinkle with sesame seeds. Wash lettuce and drain, slice tomatoes.


Assembly – lay base of bun on a board and brush with chimichurri, add lettuce, bacon slices, tomato and a burger patty, top with pickled onion, second burger patty, onion rings and the bun lid smothered with avocado mayo. Serve with chunky chips.