Announcement - North Country Quality Foods.

Following receipt of the FSA notification implicating North Country Foods, we are currently recalling all of the products listed below.
  • 030615 Cooked Shredded Ham 1kg
  • 030520 Sliced Oval Valley Ham 1kg
  • 031500 Pasteurised Chicken Breast 2.5kg
  • 030590 Sliced Corned Beef 500g
  • 031510 Whole Roast Chicken Breast 2.5kg
  • 030610 Pulled Pork 1kg
  • 030055 Shaved Pastrami - 90% 1kg
Should you have any of this product in your business, please under no circumstances use it. 
To arrange collection and a credit, contact our customer care team on 0808 582 9798 or email
We are actively trying to replace the products affected, please contact your sales representative for assistance.
To download FSA statement click here