Corporate Social Responsibility


Our Framework

We have broken our CSR policy into three sources of sustainable strategic direction. Each represents a key focus in our CSR policy, a focus towards a set of goals, where we feel we can make the most sustainable and environmental difference to the foodservice industry. These are; 

Environmental Management: Concerned with our own operational responsibilities as a business and how we manage our impact on the environment.

Responsible Sourcing: How we ensure the safety of our products, and offer a wide selection of ethical produce.

Supporting the Community: How we consider and support the wider society. 


Environmental Management

90.4% of our waste paper, cardboard, plastic and pallet wrap goes for recycling including waste recycled through incineration. We only send 9.6% of our waste to landfill is something we are extremely proud of, however; by 2021 we are aiming to have reduced our landfill usage to 5%, meaning 95% of our general waste is recycled.

  • Our Head Office uses passive, low energy sensor lighting throughout the building, meaning electricity is only being consumed when necessary to light hallways or offices. Our Refrigeration Units in our fridges and freezers are energy efficient and the depot has also adopted multi-functional devices that power off rather than switch to standby.

  • Over half of our fleet use Eutectic Beam Refrigeration Technology. This technology means freezer and chiller units produce no carbon dioxide, as a result of not being powered by a diesel engine.


Responsible Sourcing

Sustainable sourcing is a vital consideration to our business when sourcing/reviewing new and existing products. We are always working towards achieving a greater portfolio of environmentally friendly sourced products. One of the way we do this is by working with a number of sustainability orientated associations, all of which require us to adhere to a number of sustainable initiatives.

These associations are;


Supporting the Community

Supporting the local community is something that has been in our nature since day one, being a family, independently owned business; we know what it is like being dependent on your local community to support the financial uncertainties of a business. We undertake a number of initiatives (see below) that help us to support our local community and that also offer our staff a safe and comfortable working experience.

  • -  Food Donations
  • -  Supporting Charities
  • -  Partnership with Produced in Kent
  • -  Dealing with Local Suppliers
  • -  Encouraging Staff to think about CSR