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Wild Harvest - Speciality ingredients

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CALLEBAUT Ruby Chocolate Callets

Product code: 059915

Pack size: 2.5kg

CALLEBAUT White Chocolate with Caramel Callets

Product code: 059916

Pack size: 2.5kg

MONA LISA Dark Curved Shavings

Product code: 059917

Pack size: 800g

MONA LISA Caramel Crisp Pearls

Product code: 059918

Pack size: 800g

SICOLY Blackcurrant Puree

Product code: WH0004

Pack size: 1kg

SICOLY Coconut Puree

Product code: WH0005

Pack size: 1kg

SICOLY Mandarin Puree

Product code: WH0006

Pack size: 1kg

SICOLY White Peach Puree

Product code: WH0007

Pack size: 1kg

Medelys Champagne Vinegar

Product code: WH0019

Pack size: 5ltr

Cherries Amarena

Product code: WH0022

Pack size: 910g

SICOLY Strawberry Puree

Product code: WH0008

Pack size: 1kg

SICOLY Passion Fruit Puree

Product code: WH0009

Pack size: 1kg

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