Chefs Think Tank

At kff, we believe it is important to understand and empathise with our customers and that we speak the same language when consulting with them about their business. We actively employ chefs and foodies to work for us so we can do this in a way that makes sense to the various chefs and kitchen managers we speak to on a daily basis.

A vital part of our approach is the Chefs Think Tank. Made up of four former head chefs, the Chefs Think Tank brings together their valuable insight to provide a better service to our customers. Their knowledge spills over into every aspect of our business, informing the approach of or sales teams, influencing the products we choose to list and contributing to the content in our various brochures. Many of the ideas, recipes and tips found in our publications have been created by the Chefs Think Tank, including all of the recipes on our website.

With the help of our Chefs Think Tank, we continue to provide you with ideas, innovation and inspiration, backed up by the people who know the industry best. You can get in touch with our Chefs Think Tank at any time using the Twitter hashtag #ChefsThinkTank!