Sliced Pancetta

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The whole pork belly is salted with brine for some days. The product is then cured for about 30 days and then it is smoked. The cured pork belly is characterized by a smoked taste. The smoked pork belly is sliced and MAP packed.

pork belly, salt, flavorings, Antioxidant - sodium ascorbate max 300 ppm (E301 ), Preservative - sodium nitrite max 150 ppm (E250).

Contains Artificial Antioxidants
Contains Artificial Preservatives

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Energy/Calories per 100g    1680 kJ
Energy/Calories per 100g    406 kcal
Protein per 100g    16 g
Fat per 100g    38 g
       of which Saturates per 100g    14.1 g
Carbohydrate Per 100g    0.1 g
       of which Sugars per 100g    0.1 g
Salt per 100g    2 g