Vegetable Skewers



Cut sweet and mid select potatoes into bitesize chunks, par boil until ¾ cooked, drain and leave to steam dry. Cut remaining vegetables into bitesize pieces and then skewer together alternating veg and potatoes as you go. Place on a lined baking sheet, brush with oil and honey, then cook in a hot oven set at 190?C/GM5 for 18-20 minutes until slightly charred. Meanwhile make the dressing by placing watercress, grain mustard, garlic, basil, Worcester sauce, honey, olive oil and sherry vinegar into a blender and whizz together until smooth. Serve skewers with dressing and garnish with watercress

Top tip: Add halloumi pieces to the skewers for added bite

Top tip: Cook skewers over hot charcoal for added smokiness flavour