Roast Dinner Favourites

Make sure your roasts stand out and increase extra footfall at your establishment, not just on Sundays!

We have everything you need to create a truly outstanding roast with
our fresh meat joints, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy!

KNORR Fine Gravy Granules

Product code: 050566

Pack size: 1.8kg

Honey Roast Parsnips

Product code: 217781

Pack size: 2.5kg

4” Yorkshire Puddings

Product code: 408008

Pack size: 60x4"

Boneless Gammon

Product code: 032061

Pack size: 8-11kg

Red Cabbage

Product code: DV0014

Pack size: 1

Mid-Select Potatoes

Product code: DV0017

Pack size: 1kg

Carrots (Medium)

Product code: DV0021

Pack size: 1kg


Product code: DV0022

Pack size: 1kg


Product code: DV0023

Pack size: 1kg


Product code: DV0056

Pack size: 500g


Product code: DV0057

Pack size: 500g

Whole Chicken (1.2-1.4kg)

Product code: SM0010

Pack size: 1.2-1.4kg

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