Bang Bang Crab & Corn Sliders



Blend egg, flour, garlic, coriander stalk, and some corn in a food processor until a smooth paste is formed. Add corn, drained & pressed crabmeat and finely diced chillies and spring onion, mix well. Shred lettuce and mix with a little dressing, leave to one side. Heat veg oil in a pan and carefully spoon corn mix in to form little patties, cook for 3-4 mins turning half way, drain on kitchen paper, keep warm and repeat process until you have required amount of patties. Warm slider in oven, place dressed lettuce on base bun, top with a fritter and finish with slider lid. Serve with chipotle mayonnaise.

Top tip: Don’t be afraid of adding too much chilli to the mix, the spicier the better. For added kick drizzle Sriracha Chilli sauce over fritters before serving