Spicy Tomato Sushi Rolls



Cook rice in stock until liquid is absorbed, stir in grated butternut and leave to stand for 5 minutes. Dice tomatoes and mix with Tamari, ginger, sriracha and tahini, leave to one side. Stir rice vinegar and maple syrup into rice mix, leave to cool. Lay sushi mat on board, place nori sheet on mat lengthways. Using damp fingers spread rice mix over bottom two thirds of the nori, leaving a ¼ inch border on side edges. Arrange cucumber, carrots, tomato mix and spring onion along centre of rice layer. Roll up nori toward unfilled edge using the mat to lift and roll tightly. Brush unfilled edge with water and press over top of roll. Repeat until you have several rolls. Leave to chill then cut into 1 inch slices, serve on seaweed salad with soy sauce dip topped with sesame seeds