Beef Goulash With Bread Dumplings



Dust the beef in flour mixed with paprika and pan fry in oil until browned (do this in batches to speed things up). Dice onions, peppers and bacon and soften with chopped garlic in oil over a medium heat before returning beef back to the pot. Add tomato paste and red cooking wine with a little more flour and paprika, stir well and cover with water. Leave to simmer gently over a low heat, stirring occasionally so the sauce doesn’t catch. Add more liquid if the sauce becomes too thick, if  necessary. Meanwhile cut bread into chunks and soften with warm milk flavoured with nutmeg. Dice shallots and bacon and gently fry in butter without colour then add to bread mix with chopped parsley. Bind everything together with eggs, if the mix is a bit wet add a little flour, season to taste. Shape dumplings into small balls and poach in milk until the dumplings begin to float. Spoon Goulash into bowls and top with dumplings